Sprigeo Expert – Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Yale Expert in Emotional Intelligence

We are thrilled that Sprigeo had the opportunity to interview Dr. Brackett and discuss his recent work with Facebook surrounding anti-bullying. Facebook has now added a new emotionally intelligent bullying prevention system as a result of his input. Take a look at this video clip to learn more about the background behind the recent changes to Facebook.


Marc A. Brackett on 2013-08-16 from Sprigeo on Vimeo.

Dr Marc Brackett_Jan2011Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. He also is a Senior Research Scientist in Psychology and Faculty Fellow in the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy. Dr. Brackett is the author and co-author of 100 scholarly publications, as well as the co-developer of RULER—an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning. RULER fosters emotional intelligence skills in kindergarten to high school students as well as school leaders, teachers, staff, and families. Dr. Brackett’s grant-funded research focuses on (1) the role of emotions in learning, decision making, relationship quality, and mental health, (2) the measurement of emotional intelligence, and (3) experiments to demonstrate how emotional intelligence training enhances student and educator effectiveness, decreases bullying, and improves school climate.

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