Middle school student arrested for cyber bullying-KSBW

A middle school child was arrested recently for cyber bullying in the Central California area. The student, who was being bullied, reported multiple incidents to the police, which is something we don’t see most children do.

In this specifc situation, the bully asked some students to smoke marijuana with him, and they declined, and this is when the bullying began. One particular student was bullied on Facebook several times, and then through text messages, and also in person. Cyber bullying can be done in several different ways, which include; through social media platforms, and with texting. Cyber bullying is sometimes harder to track, but also can leave hard evidence, like a text or Facebook post on someone’s wall.

Kids and teens are faced with bullying everyday, and unfortunately a lot of the time it is not reported to administrators, teachers, or the police. Implementing Sprigeo’s anonymous online incident reporting and tracking platform empowers victims, and bystanders, to act against offenders in an effort to create a safer school environment. Anyone with access to the web can use the reporting form on the Sprigeo website to submit an anonymous online report that instantly reaches the school principal, through either email or text message notification. Sprigeo’s platform reduces bullying incidents and school safety threats. Kids and teens trust Sprigeo and the people at their school sites who receive their reports.

Sprigeo stands out among the current methods of reporting because of the due diligence expended in creating a reporting form and follow up mechanism that are user friendly for targets, reporters, bystanders, administrators, and those in leadership positions within a school setting. The platform features are truly invaluable for monitoring compliance, audits, and statistical reporting. According to Sprigeo CEO, Joe Bruzzese, “Over the next few years, the impact of bullying incidents will continue to grow. Providing students with a safe way to report bullying and school safety incidents strengthens the relationship between students, schools and families. Everyone has the right to feel safe at school.”


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