Lady Gaga Goes Mobile: Anti-Bullying

Popstar’s are some of kids and teens biggest influences today, and one of the biggest names out there,  Lady Gaga, is taking a stand with anti-bullying! In a recent article written by the leader for breaking news in Connecticut, WTNH News 8, we are told that Lady Gaga and a Yale expert by the name of Dr. Brackett, have teamed up to promote anti-bullying. The article points out that Lady Gaga is using her popularity to help stop bullying and suicide.

Lady Gaga has a mobile bus with “Born To Be Brave” written on the sides, that will be making stops around the country, Connecticut being one of thirty. This bus offers plenty of information about anti-bullying, and preventing suicide. The popstar is known for singing about loving who is she, and wanting others to love and accept her for exactly who she is, which she is trying to spread to her fans around the world.

If one person can make such an impact, shouldn’t more of us start standing up, have a voice, and help one another!

Also, check out Lady Gaga’s Foundation

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 11.49.28 AM


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