Spreading the word in the VC

The Ultimate Bully Reporting Tool

The word is spreading, and students are appreciating the fact that they can report bullying within their own comfort zone, while staying anonymous. In a recent article put out by the Ventura County Star, two specific schools (Rio Mesa High School and Hueneme High School) are speaking out about their thoughts on the new system, Sprigeo that has been implemented within their schools.

Sprigeo has set the pace in serving as the tool to report bullying that kids trust, as well as the implementation tool that administrators use. Sprigeo allows easy access by computer, or the new app, available for both the iPhone and iPad, for teens to report any type of bullying they may see or experience first-hand.

The schools currently using the Sprigeo system have created a new environment and culture in which bullying is no longer accepted or allowed; kids know they have a tool to report with, and administrators know how to follow-up. One school and student at a time, we can bring bullying to an end. Let’s continue to spread the word, and be proactive!


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