Taking bullying by the horn

The article’s title stood out so I decided to read further into what the writer had said. Reading further I was rewarded with a detailed look at how one school plans to implement ideas from the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. Now an official partner of Sprigeo, the online bully reporting system, the people behind Olweus have created a research-based approach to reducing bullying incidents. The school featured in the article (excerpt below) plans to implement their program for the 2013-2014 school year with more immediate changes taking place this year. Teachers and staff members will be trained on how to effectively identify bullying behavior, one of the challenges Olweus has identified as a key factor in reducing incidents over time. The article has me thinking about the impact that a consistent, long-term approach can have in reducing bullying among kids and teens. Programs like Olweus have the research and results to back their practices. A quick google search for “anti-bullying programs” will yield results in the hundreds if not thousands, with information about everything from guest speakers to all-inclusive four week programs. Having investigated many of these programs I’m more inclined to stick with a research-based program, run by educators, who have spent a lifetime working with children.

Article excerpt:

Randy Wiler and Grand Island Central Catholic faculty and parents have taken the first step on a two-year journey to reduce bullying at the school.

Wiler, who lives in Shawnee, Kan., met with the entire Central Catholic faculty Monday morning and met with parents Monday evening.

Wiler said the first reaction most people have when they learn he is working with a school on an anti-bullying program is, “Oh? Does your school have a bullying problem?” His first response is, “Every school has a bullying problem.”

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