Iowa Governor Branstad Announces Upcoming Bullying Prevention Summit

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad renewed their commitment to bullying prevention by announcing the upcoming Bullying Prevention Summit (excerpt below). Following a growing trend among the US states, Iowa will hold a summit to identify the causes of bullying and provide solutions to the challenge facing schools and youth today. Answering questions like, “What is a bully?” is a step forward for state legislators seeking to get ahead of bullying incidents this school year. The bullying summit is scheduled for late November, which comes just weeks after the International Bullying Prevention Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Current data from the Sprigeo online bully reporting system shows a spike in the number of reported bullying incidents during the month of October, coinciding with National Bullying Prevention Month. Looking forward to the November 27th summit in Iowa I would hope to see Governor Branstad utilize reporting data in conjunction with identified trends and shared best practices from the nationwide concentration on bullying prevention during the month of October. Iowa currently has an A- rating in reference to its current anti-bullying legislation.

Article excerpt:

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds announced at their weekly press conference that they are hosting the Governor’s Bullying Prevention Summit on November 27, 2012 at HyVee Hall in Des Moines.   They said the summit will feature a number of speakers from communities around Iowa who will present their strategies at the summit.  They will also feature a number of state and national experts who will engage attendees on how to combat bullying both offline and online.

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