Intervention specialist may also assist at grade schools

Thanks for Samantha Allen for her interest in Rochester Middle School and the school district’s effort to combat bullying this year. An excerpt of the original article appears below. With the school year fast approaching schools are beginning to ramp up their efforts to prevent bullying incidents. Middle schools receive the greatest number of bullying reports relative to their elementary and high school counterparts. Rochester school district has taken preventive steps by creating a position that is geared toward responding to and preventing bullying incidents in the middle school. I anticipate a growing number of positions like this as we see updated anti-bullying legislation from states in the coming months.
Article excerpt:
Friday, August 3, 2012

ROCHESTER — The School Board’s Policy Committee on Thursday voted to amend the description of a new full-time staff position for the Rochester Middle School, aimed at reducing student bullying, or at least resolving classmate conflict.

The new RMS “student safety and behavioral support specialist” will serve as the link between students who log complaints against classmates, or “blue forms,” and school administration.

School Principal Valerie McKenney previously told Foster’s she crafted the position — to be the first of its kind in the district — after several complaints came forward from parents this year.

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