Complaint alleges School District ignored bullying at junior high school

In the first of what I expect to be a growing trend in bullying investigation this year, the Clark County School District in Nevada, has come under fire for their failure to adequately respond to incidents involving two junior high students. The school year has yet to start and already we are beginning to see articles like ‘s in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper today. Although the school named in the article (excerpt below) does not use Sprigeo as an online reporting system for bullying incidents, some of the CCSD schools do use this tool as a safe way for students to anonymously report incidents. School officials may have been alerted to the incidents earlier if a system had been in place. The school district did implement their own version of an online reporting system this past school year. Although students can access the reporting form from their home computers, the form requires a student number and name, which creates a formidable barrier for students who want to keep their identity anonymous.

Article excerpt:

The Clark County School District failed to adequately protect two Greenspun Junior High School students from bullying this past school year, according to sexual discrimination complaints lodged Wednesday against the district.

The sixth-graders were discriminated against and harassed by other students based on the boys’ perceived sexual orientation, according to the two complaints jointly filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the boys’ parents with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission.

The bullying – which allegedly took place between August 2011 and February 2012 – started with verbal taunts, but quickly escalated to physical assaults, said Katrina Rogers, a staff attorney with the local ACLU representing the two boys.

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