Pearl River Students, Teacher Accept Award for Design for Change

Thanks to Ryan Buncher for sharing a wonderful story (excerpt below) that highlights the impact you can have in creating a culture that values kindness and respect over bullying. The group of students from Pearl River Middle School sound like great candidates for the Sprigeo Heroes Project. Like many of the heroes, the focus on creating change and having a lasting impact were two traits that made the Pearl River story stand out.

Article excerpt:

Students from Pearl River Middle School were honored with the Rockefeller Foundation Young Innovators Award along with others who took part in Design For Change, a program that helps students learn to change their communities for the better.

Late in 2006, Pearl River Middle School fifth graders received the Ghandi Prize for their Design for Change project, called Add Vertisements, an anti-bullying campaign.

Two of those students, Katelyn Freedman and Abigail Frankel, accompanied teacher Jim Guerci June 26 of this year to join to accept the Innovation award from the Rockefeller Foundation as part of a group representing Design for Change.

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