Group aims to curb bullying

Thanks to Chansi Long for introducing us to an incredible new group of students (see article excerpt below).

Wonderful solution to what has become an overwhelming challenge for adults to overcome. Educators and parents can support the efforts of kids and teens by encouraging programs like Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully. Like many of the student groups we have identified in the Sprigeo Heroes Project, this organization understands that for true change to occur, kids and teens must take responsibility for creating change and holding each other accountable, every moment of the day. A tall order I know, yet when youth come together and recognize the power they have to impact a community, their energy is unmatched. Kudos to the group mentioned hear. The coming school year is going to be amazing.

Article excerpt:

Nationwide, people are addressing bullying, seeking to stop it. A new organization in Lawrence is taking up the cause.

Crystal Shepherd, of Lawrence, has created an anti-bullying group called Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully. The organization will launch this fall at South Middle School. Shepherd hopes to galvanize students, parents, teachers and community members in the anti-bully movement.

From left Crystal Shepherd, Shari Hicks and Christina Johnson gather for a Sunday lunch and to talk about a new support group they have started for South Middle School called Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully. The group has already had one fundraiser and has plans for another one soon.

“The idea is that it’s a community effort, that bullying is not in the dark anymore,” said Shepherd, the group’s organizer. “Instead of a program focused on protecting the victim, (Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully) is designed to draw the bullies out. … Maybe they don’t even realize what they are doing is bullying and the ones who do realize they are bullying aren’t in the dark anymore; they need to be held accountable for their own actions within themselves, including by the people around them.”

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