Just finished reading an article about a 13 year old who killed himself after being taunted mercilessly day in and day out at school.  He endured everything from the verbal to the physical including being tied up, having duct tape put over his mouth and making him practice suicide. This happened with teachers looking on and doing nothing, or worse, laughing.  There are more examples, but I won’t go into them here, because if that doesn’t send chills up your spine and a tear to your eyes, nothing will.

In the end the kid did jump to his death.  He texted one of his tormentors “I’m going to die,”  before he did and got the reply, “You Should.”

In what world is this acceptable?  School authorities stood by, saying there wasn’t enough evidence.  Teachers actually saw it happeneing and did nothing.   I guess   the answer is pretty clear.

This one.

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