Cuomo Signs Cyberbullying Law

To the team at the North Country Gazette:

Kudos to you for being one of the first to report (excerpt below) on Governor Cuomo’s recently signed cyberbullying legislation. New York Public Schools comprise the largest school district in the country. Having an effective piece of legislation in place to challenge cyberbullying incidents is critical for the safety of today’s kids and teens.

New York is among the 20 states that now use the online bully reporting form at as an effective way for students to report bullying incidents online and schools to track incidents while identifying student behavior trends. Union-Endicott School District in New York, began using Sprigeo this past school year.

The Sprigeo online bully reporting system meets the legislative mandates outlined by Governor Cuomo’s. New York schools can now subscribe to Sprigeo as a way of complying with the new legislative mandates.

Article excerpt:

ALBANY—Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed legislation that will help protect students from cyberbullying as well as other forms of harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

The new law is designed to strengthen a school’s response to harassment and bullying through improved reporting, investigation, intervention, training and prevention.

The new law requires schools to take action when students experience cyberbullying or other forms of harassment. It ensures that school districts take immediate steps to end harmful behavior, prevent recurrences, and ensure the safety of the targeted students. The legislation also establishes improved training to help teachers and administrators better prevent and respond to bullying and other harmful acts.

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